Summerland Trust

Clark Findlay

Clark Findlay,

Clark was introduced into Spiritualism in his youth and worked with the Red Cross during the 2nd World War, as his main concern was healing which became his main interest in life, working as a healer until he passed to the higher life aged 84yrs.


Clark Findlay bought Kingswells House in November 2003 and on his passing in November 2005 he bequeathed it to the Summerland Trust.
He was a nephew of Arthur Findlay who bequeathed Stansted Hall to the Spiritualist National Union (SNU).  
Clark's family were descended from Allen Fitz Flaand the first Steward of Scotland in 1185 who founded the line of Stewart Kings and they continued to be closely associated with the Royal Family. They were large land owners with Ayrshire being the family home county of the Findlay family and during the last 200 years they were connected with the commercial and financial life of Glasgow and the West of Scotland.
Kingswells continues to work in the advancement of spiritual unfoldment.