What is a SOUND BATH ?


It's a meditation where your bathed in waves of sound, using singing bowls, tuning forks and Gongs.
When is it ? 
Monday's at 1100 
Thursday's at 1900
**please note that during courses Sound Bath Meditation is not availabe to those not attending the course**
Is it for me ?
This is suitable for anybody, no experience required !
How much does it cost, and how long does it last ?
£10 and the duration is approximately 1 hour
What do I do ?
Nothing ! you will be made to feel very comfortable and safe, Yoga mats and blankets are provided, (please bring your own pillow) you are fully clothed and you will be encouraged to relax while Ben skillfully uses the array of singing bowls, Tuning Forks and Gongs to create sound and vibration.  If you prefer to sit in a chair then that's ok too, the most important thing is that you are comfortable.
What if I fall asleep ?
No problem.. it's very normal during this type of meditation and the chances are you will not be the only one!
How many are in the group ?
This is limited to a maximum of 7 students only, so booking is essential.
Can I have a private Sound Healing appointment ? 
Yes you can, with prior arrangement only.
Anything else I need to know ?
Yes, it is not advised to drive straight away afterwards, so stay for a cup of tea or glass of water afterwards.  There will be biscuits and cake too !
Book me ! 
Please contact Ben directly via email to reserve your place
More information on Sound Bath, Philosophy and History and other interesting information:
Sound has the ability to transcend the mind, A certain song has the ability to remove space and time and take you back to a particular memory,  it has the ability to move us in ways that can flood our hearts with emotion and encapsulate us.  If you learn to turn your attention inward you begin to hear the sound of your breath, your heart, your nervous system, the sound of of our own being.
When we become more in touch with who we really are, we open up our senses and begin to feel, we begin to feel pulsations, we start to feel sound, when you do this you begin to truly feel.
We all have the ability to hear and feel sound, the more we learn to tune into the sound of ourselves, the deeper we understand who and what we really are.  So many of us are out of tune, there are a multitude of factors that contribute.  It can occur with the biorhythms of planets, the way we think our environment, the people we surround ourselves with, the list goes on.
A sound bath helps create that space within for you to retune yourself. 
If you imagine water on a table, it forms a puddle, but through vibration it disperses the water creating a parting.  The Gong has the ability to do this; when the gong is sounded it creates a vibration, a ripple right through us, a parting, a pathway to the centre of our being and the journey inward begins.
In ancient China each sacred Gong has the inscription 'Tai Loi' which translates to 'happiness has arrived